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ConsoleroomcolorlogoSince 2014, CONsole Room has been thrilled to be an annual gathering place for enthusiasts of Doctor Who in Minneapolis/St Paul. We’re currently preparing for our 2016 convention, happening June 3-5. We have lots of plans to make it another great event so why not tell all your friends to come and join us at the Hilton MSP Airport/Mall of America.

We are pleased to have the following Guests of Honor lined up for 2016:

Anneke Wills
Anneke played Polly Wright, companion to the First and Second Doctors,
from 1966-1967
Wendy Padbury
Wendy played companion Zoe Heriot alongside the Second Doctor and Jamie
from 1968-1969
Dominic Glynn
Dominic re-arranged the iconic Doctor Who theme tune for Season 23, The
Trial of a Time Lord, and also composed the incidental music for that season
and other 1980s episodes